Which Fondant Should I Choose

The buttercream cakes are now replaced with the 21st birthday cakes for boys Auckland. There are a number of ways the fondant is used to embellish the cakes. The bakers roll, pour, stretch or dip the fondant on the top of the cake. For the beginners it is hard to manage the fondant but over the time they find it an easy to maintain kind of frosting. The popular options of fondant available for decorating the cake are as follows:

  1. Rolled fondant

It is one of the basic types of fondant available on the market. The gummy fondant is rolled out like the dough and spread over the cake. The fondant is rolled out in the shape that is appropriate for the cake. The fondant once rolled can be transformed into a number of shapes and designs. It is the most common type of fondant that has its own good and bad but still a great choice for the beginners. The popular sub types of the rolled fondant are as follows:

  • Conventional rolled fondant is the combo of gelatine, sugar, corn syrup and glycerine. It is one of the most common ways of creating the cake frosting but it can break or crack very easily. Once created it can be stored in an air tight container at the room temperature.
  • Chocolate-based fondant is added with some quantity of chocolate along with the basic ingredients. It can be made with the white or the dark chocolate. It is easy to handle but still requires addition of candy colours or additional flavours.
  • Marshmallow fondant is for those who don’t want to buy the favourite fondant from some store. It can be comfortable made at home by simply melting the marshmallow and adding sugar to it. It is more elastic and easy to roll. These fondants don’t cost much. With a single packet of marshmallows it is possible to make enough fondant for enough cakes. The only disadvantage is the limited shelf time due to the absence of essential preservatives that are added at the commercial level.


  1. Poured fondant

It is similar to the glaze that is used to coat the cake. It is glossy, sugary and crunchy fondant. The poured fondants come with a number of savouries like the candy filling. These fondants are further classified as follows:

  • Cooked poured fondant is one of the first forms of the poured fondant. It is easy to customize this kind of fondant but it is hard to bring it to the right temperature as it is not easy to use the candy thermometer while making it.
  • Quick poured fondant is made with water, sugar, corn syrup and the flavour of your choice. A hand mixer is used to whip them together and then they are poured over the cake. It is a time

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