Ride Yamaha To Experience The Ride

The mode of transportation has been evolved in a positive way; people now travel with different modes initially there were buses, trams, cars, carts but, after the evolution of new era of west bikes came in picture and truly changed the face of everything related to transportation. Historically due to comfort issues people used to retaliate from buying bikes but when the pros and cons were carefully revisited by the experienced people the whole scenario changed completely. There are so many brands now available in the market, comparing from the past brands are now targeting different aspects and different factors such as: comfort, style, pricing, mileage even the looks. Talking about all of this Yamaha is a well-known brand which has all the aspects mentioned above. There was a time when sports bikes came into picture and people started to buy this new invention and merger of speed, style and comfort. So let’s discuss few inventions of Yamaha motorbikes in detail which will not only elaborate the invention, excellence but also, the evolution of Yamaha as a brand in the mind of the consumer:

Yamaha 100:

Initially there was only one bike in town designed by Yamaha brand and that was Yamaha 100, talk about mileage it was there, talk about style it was there and talk about comfort definitely it was there on top of everything. The price was a bit higher than average keeping in view the design and style the name of the bike was Yamaha 100 because the power of the bike was higher than 70, remember there was the time of Honda 70 right? it was something famous due to mileage but when Yamaha 100 came in the market speed rises and the price too which overall enhanced the future of Yamaha as a brand. If you are interested about performance exhaust systems you can visit this link https://husqvarnamotorcycleparts.com.au/cms/page/husqvarna-hard-parts/accessories/exhaust.

Yamaha YBR:

This is something which has been recently invented by this brand, to cater the demand of new era where stud guys especially want to ride something classy and trendy such as: trail mud bikes, heavy sports bike and sleek racers; Yamaha came up with the blend of all this YBR is something which they have introduced in different ranges such as: YBR 100 and YBR 125 still 70 is not in the picture. The reason for not catering the 70 CC is to maintain the image of speedy bikes. Since inception Yamaha has catered speedy and classy pictures of the bikes and in order to maintain the same they have never catered or concentrated on the mileage. Because mileage and power (CC) of the bikes are directly related to each other, hence more CC means more petrol and less mileage. Thanks to the technological advancement that Yamaha has now purposefully resolved the issue of mileage and speed, the combination of which is rare but the rider of Yamaha is still definitely the ride to remember.

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