Just Mail It…

In this new era of technology and advancement things are pretty changed and quite updated, things which we used to value are no more valuable, style which we used to admire are no more admissible hence all those old values and things have been replaced by something more advanced, something more efficient and something beyond boundaries. Imagine that time when people used to walk miles away for a phone call, YES! telephone was so rare at that time (with of course thousands of limitations) imagine when we used to send letters in order to communicate to our loved ones, if that beloved is in another country than it take months to reach the letter and more than months to get the answer from that person but, now things are E and even mails are emails. Talking about emails and mails, how can we forget to discuss the significance of mails even after the introduction of E-mail system?

Mails we all are still getting it right? So the point is; when we have emails why they are still giving value to physical mails we receive? Definitely there must be something they are getting from mails which they are not getting from Emails. Mails have always been the first priority there are certain documents which cannot be sent via emails. If we talking about the differences between what we get from emails and same if we get via physical mail than, physical mail will win the race physical mail was rejected because of the timing issue, some other formalities and lack of tracking system physical mails were neglected. But now once again the game has changed thanks to all the research and developments in the industry of mail distribution system. Broadly in every single country they have a basic mailing system for example: in Pakistan they have Pakistan Post, similarly in India they have normal post mail system and American express is there but then the courier services stepped in and showed what the next level of advancement is. Courier companies provide the best physical mail system as well, they not only deliver the desired physical mail but also provide a tracking number which can be tracked via their official website and the receiver (instead of waiting) tracks the mail or parcel from their destination. Of course the charges are a bit higher than normal mailing system but, the result and service is worth spending. These days we have plenty of options available which we call mail distribution system and countries have now advanced the normal post mail system too. The significance of mail cannot be reduced no matter what we introduce? What we extract or what we discover. 

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